What I got for Christmas..



I am probably the last person to post this. Unfortunately I have been very busy with work and have had very little free time. I am going to keep up with my blog every weekend, so we shall see how well that works out for me. Before I begin I would like to point out that I am not writing this post to brag about what I received an I enjoy reading these posts and therefore would like to share my gifts. If you don’t want to read this then by all means look at something else. So let’s jump right in and have a look.



If anyone knows me I love YSL beauty products, and their perfume is no diffrent. I really like the scent of Black Opium, its a mix of florals and coffee which is perfect for me. I am also a massive fan of Liz Earle products especially the cleanser and the rose toner is perfectly refreshing to use after I have cleaned my face, especially with an oil cleanser.



I didn’t ask for loads of books this christmas, but I did ask for the fourth volume of the graphic novels Saga and I have been intrigued about the mixed opinions over Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunahm so I am excited to read this.


I am obsessed with Sons of Anarchy and as much as I have Netflix I will probably not have it forever so I am planning on collecting all the series on DVD and my aunt gave me the first one for Christmas. My brother got me a copy of The Princess Bride as I have been meaning to watch it since I read the book.


I am a big baker, and I have been using my mother’s old fashioned scald which means alot of my aking is trail and error. I asked for some electronic scales and got these bright pink ones. They are easy to use and they are compact as I have a small kitchen they easily slip into a cupboard or draw. IMG_3642

I love this necklace, it is a delicate piece, it is only gold plated and is susceptible to bending which is frustrating. I really like Estella Bartlett jewellery it is very dainty and the charms are cute and make lovely presents. I have kind of been going off of chunky pieces so I tend to layer daintier pieces.


The Sons of Anarchy mug was a little extra gift from my brother but one of my absolutely favourite gifts is this Snufkin plush from The Moomin store in Covent Garden. I love the Moomins so this is one of the cutest things I own.


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