Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham Review

I like Girls. Not That Kind of Girl not so much. I really wanted to like this book more than I did. I highly doubt she is the voice of a generation, if she is that generation is extremely dull. She is lucky to have lived a privileged life and that is evident in her writing.

Lena Dunham doesn’t apologise for who she is, she is unashamed and undeterred in her writing there is nothing that she willingly hides from you. She is funny and relatable, and she is a fantastic writer there is no denying that I just don’t know if the material was any good.

The book is not particularly structured, if I wanted to make a meaning from it I could say that is was more of this is how my thoughts came out and that was the way they were going to be published. It is haphazard and could have had more thought put into the structure.

Did we need a detailed account of each sexual encounter was it necessary and did we need to know that much about her sex life? Did I need to know everything you ate for two weeks (was it two weeks I got bored). Isn’t there more exciting moments in her life.

Her stories are almost shocking (does this stuff actually happen and more than once?), she creates a weird sense of nostalgia for a life she is still living and romanticisation of seemingly uninteresting subjects to an outsider. What makes her escapades any more meaningful?

By no means do I want to belittle her confessions of rape, it is an incredibly brave thing to admit but I feel that the stories surrounding it did. There was nothing frivolous about that story, Dunham admits herself …

“I’M AN UNRELIABLE NARRATOR. Because I add an invented detail to almost every story I tell about my mother. Because my sister claims every memory we “share” has been fabricated by me to impress a crowd.”

Five things I like better that Not That Kind of Girl…


2. The Cover of this book

3. GIRLS Quotes

4. The doodle drawings

5. Toledo. The Typeface.


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