Benefit Rollerlash Mascara Review



I have been quite verbal about my love/hate relationship with Benefit products. They are so popular and I want to like them but a lot of products I just don’t get along with a lot their stuff. I tried their They’re Real mascara, and I couldn’t get along with it. It did add volume but I found it flaky and irritated my eyes which as someone with sensitive skin is a big no no for me.

So when I was given Rollerlash* to review I did a little bit of research and I was intrigued to see if it would work for me as someone who has quite short lashes. I wanted to see if the ‘super curling and lifting’ effect that the product claims to have is true.


The Hook ‘n’ Roll brush is the superstar of this product, with custom designed hooks to help catch, lift and curl the lashes. The latest product is designed to replicate the performance of old fashioned Velcro hair rollers. The wand is flexible and uses the small rubber hooks to gently grab the lashes and curl them as you apply the product. This is paired with a black lightweight formula that is supposed to keep the curl for 12 hours. The formula contains lash conditioning ingredients and is supposed to be easy to remove.

Photo: Health and Beauty Blog

I was actually pretty impressed with this product. The product covered the lashes and provides a satisfactory curl and length it was nothing spectacular but it did what it says on the tin. It added length but not a lot of volume, so that is something to bare in mind  when choosing your mascara. I personally felt that you couldn’t get away with one one coat; you do need two. That being said the product lasted me a full day of work and drinks after (6.30am – 10.30pm) and retained most of the curl and there was very minimal flaking even after showering – I forgot to take it off. Application is a bit hit and miss as I find it harder to pull he brush though my lashes and it tends to get on my eye lids.

Overall I definitely prefer this mascara to other Benefit products I have used and will continue to use it as well as my current mascara products.

Roller Lash will hit Benefit stands from 27th February 2015 and cost £19.50.



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