9 thoughts I had watching ‘The Longest Ride’ trailer…

The latest Nicholas Sparks novel to be made into a film in The Longest Ride – yes there is yet another novel to be made into a film. In honour of it’s pending arrival to US screens here are some thoughts I had while watching the trailer.

The Longest Ride starring Britt Robertson and Scott Easwood is being released on April 10th in the USA and will come to UK cinemas June 19th.

1. Another Nicholas Sparks Movie …. haven’t they run out of books yet?

2. Ooooo Cowboys

3. Scott Eastwood is fiiiine

20th Century Fox via Tumblr

4. I really want to buy some Cowboy Boots now

5. What is this song?

6. Hello abs!!!!

7. Okay, who’s the old guy

8. Is that Robb Stark’s wife?

20th Century Fox via Apna Time Pass

9. I really don’t appreciate that font





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