Is E!’s ‘The Royals’ any good?


So yesterday the much anticipated E! series based on the British monarchy debuted in the UK; The Royals. I have to say that I was interested in seeing if it was any good. Which is why I tivoed the first episode and having just finished watching it I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I think that I am going to continue watching the series, its kind of trashy but I think it will end up being a bit of a guilty pleasure. It’s more like gossip girl mixed with the Tudors than anything close to the actual royal family maybe because our actual king an queen are a lot older. That being said who doesn’t love a bit of debauchery in the morning. It’s filled with fashionable outfits and witty one-liners perfect for Twitter.

Buzzfeed describe it as ‘amazingly terrible’ and I think that sums it up pretty well actually. Check out their 13 Questions British People will ask… article. I don’t know if the plot or storyline is going to go anywhere I mean how many times can you do the commoner falls in love with the prince of [insert real or made up principality or monarchy here] storyline but the U.S must enjoy it as E! have renewed is for a second series. I have set a series link for the rest of series 1 so we shall see how it progresses.

Check out one of the trailers…

I have shared my thoughts on the episode if you read on, contains mild spoilers ….

Thoughts I had while wathcing Episode 1 …

  • Liz Hurley looks amazing … how old is she?
  • It’s a little unrealistic that people would be allowed past the palace gates
  • OOOO is that Peter from Narnia
  • What sort of name is Liam for a Prince … that’s terrible
  • Oh No… my childhood has been ruined. He’s hot!!!!
  • Sex, drugs and rock and roll baby
  • Natalia Kills maybe rude as f**k on X Factor NZ but Problem is a good song
  • Who is the voiceover?
  • Aww sad moment
  • HAHA, are the two ginger cousins supposed to be Beatrice and Eugenie
  • Gotta get the British tea stereotype in there. Well done
  • Evil Uncle … Check
  • RAPE!!!
  • Aww family moment
  • I’m seriously only half way through this episode
  • I think I am gonna like Marcus
  • Oooo you like him
  • oooo you like her
  • Wow that was childish Aimee
  • Do all American’s drink complicated coffee beverages?
  • I want Ophelia’s Raglan
  • How did Ophelia’s Mum and Robert die? I need to know!!
  • Gotta love some good Daddy advice
  • That Uncle looks seriously evil
  • Can you imagine Kate Middleton wearing a fur gilet?
  • OKAY, let’s set a series link

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