Grey Hair: Will you dye it?

Many of us spend a lot of time and money on avoiding getting or covering those sneaky grey hairs.

The inevitable sign that we are getting older.

At the age of 22 I can say that I am not constantly finding grey hairs and god forbid that I will keep my lovely brown locks for a little white longer. Well unfortunately or not depending on how you look at it, grey hair has been a massive trend over winter and this S/S season it seems to be only getting bigger. Kylie Jenner, Vogue’s Sarah Harris and model Charlotte Free have embraced this trend whole heartedly. Victoria’s Secret Angel Jordan Dunn is the latest celeb to die her hair grey but has upped the anti for summer by adding a hint of blue to her locks for Coachella weekend.

Instagram via officialjdunn

I have to admit I would be intrigued to try it out myself. The ghostly grey tresses are not seriously hard to achieve if you have blonde hair but if you have brunette hair then some bleaching will be involved.

However Jordan looks awesome with the shade which gives me hope that even if you have dark hair you’ll look great. You can go to the salon to get this done (which I recommend if you are not big on DIY hair dyes) but you can do it at home.

Bleach London has you covered with a simple guide if you are tackling this trend yourself…

After bleaching your hair you can use their White Toner to make blonde hair lighter and give it luminous silver glow, or use Silver Shampoo to give your hair a spooky grey tinge. With the shampoo, the longer you leave it in, the more it’s able to deposit the colour. You can also use the shampoo to maintain you tresses if you visit a salon.

Brook Bohan from FOUR London warns Huffington Post readers …

“It can look totally fabulous if done professionally, but beware it is the hardest of all the colours to achieve with no damage to the hair,”

“The first step is to have a consultation so that a plan of action can be worked out with the client . It will usually take around six months to get hair to the gorgeous grey colour, depending on how much colour build-up the client already has on their hair. You have to grow out as much of the existing colour as possible.

“Once the client is back to as much of their natural colour as possible the technique used is to bleach the hair to bring it up to almost white and then put an ash tone over it.

“Only go to a reputable colour salon as it is very easy to end up with yellow not grey and demarcation lines where the build-up of colour hasn’t been properly removed.”


There are varying shades of grey that you can go from shiny silver to a dark grey. You can go for the dip dye look ala Kylie Jenner if you have dark hair. Kylie’s look gives her black block colour hair a lot more tone without resorting to highlights.

If you want something even more different make your hair a little more colourful by adding splashed of colour, lilac or pale blue works well here.

Tasha Leelyn has a really good tutorial on how to DIY grey hair here…

The last important thing to remember is that you need to look after your hair. If you are bleaching your hair it can get seriously damaged, become dry or brittle. I hope that you hair comes out glossy and shiny like you have stepped of an herbal essences advert but if not use a product such as argan oil as it will nourish the hair. I love Neal Yard’s Organic Argan Oil and you can use it all over your body.

Whether it is natural or fake grey hair will have you bang on trend this season.


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