April Round Up

I didn’t really get up to much this month, so I don’t really know what I can share with you all. My shifts are drying up at Debenhams so I will be poor again. I really cannot win sometimes. I am hoping to go back to my old school to do some observations so  I can get to applying for university and hopefully after I have done that I will be able to get some more hours in.

I have had Megan Trainor’s ‘Dear Future Husband‘ in my head for the last few weeks pretty much constantly as it has been on the CD at work which is about 6 songs long so I have been hearing it along. I also shamefully know all the words.


april 15 books

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones and On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan


1 Easter Hello Spring 2Presents From Elliot 3Hot Male Model Bunny 4Selfie 1 5 Sixties Vibes 6 blossoms 7 beach 8 Ian McEwan Coffee 9 Jon Snow t-shirt Primark 10. Pommegrante and Lime 11 Asparagus 12 Selfie 2 13 world book day 14 My Little App Avatar 15 Peach Makeup Haul 16 Sippy Cup 17 Wholegrains 18 The Duff Ticket

1.Hello Spring 2.Presents from Brazil and New York from Ell 3.Happy Easter
4. Selfie, pretty bun 5.OOTD: Channeling sixties vibes 6.Pretty Blossoms
7.Warm Day and I want to be at the beach. I’m Not! 8.Black Coffee Day
9. NEED! Jon Snow T-shirt from Primark 10. Pommegrante and Lime detox water
11.Getting fancy, Asparagus for Lunch 12. Half bun, new favourite hair style 13. Happy World Book Day
14.My Little App Avatar… So Cute 15. Peach/Coral seems to be a theme
16. I got a new sippy cup!  17. Super healthy dinner 18. First time to the cinema in ages The DUFF



High Waisted Skinny Jeans from Primark, £10.00, Sun Dress from Primark, £8.00 (returned), P.S I Love.. Eyeshadow Brush from Primark, £1.50, Bookmark from Natural Edge, £1.50, Bangles from Prinark, £2.00


Stripped Dress from ASOS, £8.00, White skirt from Oasis,£5.00, Book End from Waterstones, £3.00, Scarf fromWarehouse, £3.00


Art Therapy Colouring Book, £3.99 Wonder by R.J Palacio, £3.49, A Cowboy’s Touch by Denise Hunter, £2.87 all from Amazon.co.uk


Garnier 2 in 1 Express Eye Makeup Remover

The Sunday Girl

I can be really lazy with my cleansing routine but I always take of my makeup however using a cleanser sometimes doesn’t always cut it. As I use the Garnier micellear water I thought I would try their makeup remover and I am impressed. It is usuallly £3.50 but is on offer at Boots for £2.33 for the price the product it really good I feel that it will probably last me about a month but I don’t wear make up every day at the moment.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


As I have finally finished House M.D, I needed to pick the next series for me to watch on Netflix. I have never actively watched Buffy as a series and decided that is was time to pick it up and I am now almost to the end of the season 4. It comes and goes as to how much I like the episodes but I do enjoy the premise and I am excited to see what happens in season 5 and 6 as I have seen season 7.


I have had my ‘summer’ playlist on Spotify on a lot lately. It has a lot of songs that I have stuck in my head lately. I think I made it on that really sunny day we had.


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