Happy World Whiskey Day …

Today is World Whiskey Day.

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I do like a good glass of whiskey, it is my go to spirit these days after one to many bad experiences with vodka and avoiding sweeter sprits. So due to a mix up at a club one night I have found that I quite like to warm burning of a good glass of whiskey.

I tend to go for a bourbon whiskey (Jack Daniels all the way). I tend to go for a simple Jack and Coke on a night out, I know I’ll like it and I tend to avoid mixing with anything else as it never ends well.

However as summer looms with hope, there is nothing that says summer more than a cocktail so here are the 3 whiskey cocktails I would like to try this summer …

Please drink responsibly,

1. Bourbon Sweet Tea 

Table Matters

I do like a Long Island Sweet Tea, so this must be just as good, whiskey and tea two of my favourite drinks. What is not to love. Get the recipe here.

2. Love & Death 


The name alone makes this sound awesome! Get the recipe here.

3.  Peach Julep Fizz 

I am a Food Blog

This picture just look good. I do like a nice peach, so I can imagine this has a lovely flavour. Get the recipe here.



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