Beach Bag Essentials…

I know it is only May but I do hope that summer will grace us with it’s sunny and warm weather soon. It is so typical that the weather has been so nice this week and I am finishing this post up on the worst day of the week and debating whether or not I want to put on a sweater.

Despite the horrible weather here in England I have been asked by the lovely people at Naja* to write a post to share with you my beach bag essentials. Be it your favourite beauty product, a great book or the latest bikini in fashion we all have those items we never go to the beach without. Let me know what yours are in the comments below…

So who are Naja I hear you ask?Well Naja is an affordable, luxury lingerie brand based in San Francisco, California in the US, that makes unique bras, panties and swimwear. They have a brilliant ethos to empower women and create a culture where women help each other through lingerie with their Underwear for Hope program.  The program teaches women to sew and support themselves and their children and percentage of your purchase goes towards the support of this program. Being environmentally friendly and socially conscious are large part of the Naja brand ethos.


Here are some of my favourite pieces from their site…

1. Adriana Bralette, $50


2. Sparrow Isabel Bra, $65


3. Kyoto After Dark, $18

* I love their whole range of cheeky knickers, if shipping wasn’t so eye watering I may treat myself*


4. Valentina Bustier, $110


5. Faye Racer Back One-Piece, $95


As I live in jolly old England we don’t have public pools like they do in the USA. We kind of have beaches … TO FRINTON!!!!! (which is one of the few none stony beaches near where I live). As much as I don’t live to far from Southend beach I don’t actually go that often. I do like to be prepared however so I prefer to overpack than under-pack. It’s better to be safe than sorry right?

If I do go I tend to be gone for the entire day or will have to travel to get there as I tend to stick by the pool if I go abroad. If I do go to the beach I always make sure I have a spare change of clothes, a hoodie and a cover up (mens shirts make a great coverup) and other things I may need if I am going off somewhere after the beach things like that. I take the obvious things like a towel, bikini and phone but here are five things I rarely leave without…


1. Sunscreen

I am pale and I burn quite easily so it is important for me to keep re-applying sunscreen especially if the sun is bright. So I always take a bottle of factor 30 with me to re-apply if I feel my skin getting hot. Savers and Boots have some good deals on sunscreen at the moment.

2. Sunglasses

I tend to wear my hair up in the hot weather so I usually avoid wearing hat. I also hate not being able to see so I always keep a pair of sunglasses handy, whether I am at the beach or just in my bag for a sunny day. I either go for some aviators or my Ray Ban’s depending on how I am feeling.

3. A good book

I always take a book with me to the beach, I am a massive reader anyway but I also need to keep myself entertained. A good book can keep me occupied for hours. I am currently reading Wonder by R.J Palacio, (£4.99 on Amazon) I am loving it so far and I think it would be a great and easy beach read.

4. Cooling mist

It gets hot and one of my favourite things at the moment is cooling mists which you can buy as they are just the right thing to have if you get overheated. You don’t have to spend the earth either, the one in the picture above was just £1 from Asda.

5. Water

Sunstroke is never sexy, so it is super important to keep hydrated and I try and drink as much as I can. Using a sippy cup (this one is £2.50 from Primark) like the one above or a funky water bottle always makes me more inclined to drink water, getting a fruit infuser bottle is a great idea for those who want something with a little more flavour.


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