I love summer clothes, and not having to wear a pair of thick fleecy tights under all my dresses is amazing. However I live in England there is only a limited amount of time to wear them but I am going on holiday with my family in August so I have a chance to show them off and an excuse to get some new bits and bobs. I really needed to replace some of my summer clothing anyway.  As I have actually been impressed with some of Primark’s offerings as of late, and I got some money for my birthday I thought I would pick up some things for my holiday (nothing like being prepared).

The CW

Green Feather Kimono, £22.00 at Forver 21 (X) and Cami Dress, £3.00 Primark

I am in love with this Kimono, I don’t wear a lot of colour – so this is a easy way to add a pop of colour into my wardrobe – this one is beautiful and looks great with a wide selection of clothes. I got a basic cami dress from Primark to go underneath it which looks brilliant (I love it so much I picked another one up in a light grey). I am going to wear this outfit with my very high Topshop platforms for a family party in a few weeks time.


Patterned Maxi skirt, £8.00 and Black Lace Top, £5.00 at Primark

A maxi is a summer staple especially if you go for a bohemian style. This skirt actually has two slits in the front which is different and it is a lot less restricting than some of the skirts/dresses I have worn. I got this lace top to go with it, it is see through so I will be wearing a bandeau top underneath because the skirt is high-waisted (on me at least).


Black Patterned Shorts, £3.90 down from £5 at Primark (check local store) and White Denim Shorts, £8.00 Matalan (similar)

The black shorts I bought the throw in my carry on as they will fold up small, but however they don’t fit well so I had to return them. I have a bit of a thing about white denim at the moment and I have a pair of jeans and I wanted to get a pair of shorts for the hot weather and these are amazing. I love them. I can’t find them on the website but they may be available in store.


Nude Flip-flops, £7.00  at Forever 21 (X) Silver Coin Necklace, £1.50, Taurus Earrings, £1.50, Ring set, £2.00 and Pink Palm Tree Cosmetic Pouch £3.00 from Primark

ACCESSORIES!!!! Sorry, I got a bit excited. So the first thing I picked up was some nude flip-flops which will go with everything and will be easy to throw on in the evening while I am on holiday. I picked up some rings, earrings and necklace because you can never have enough options to jazz up an outfit. I also had to replace my makeup bag as my current one is way to small for all my stuff, this one has a palm tree print and two sections so it should be big enough.


Bikini Top £10, (X) Bottoms, £6.00 (X) from George at Asda.

I always get a new bikini when I go away and I wanted to get a high-waisted bottom and this Graduate Fashion Week Talent by Rosa Siva option from George has a great pattern, the tribal/aztec print is on trend and overall it wasn’t too expensive as compared to some suits I have seen.


Crochet waistcoat, £12.00 Primark

I think I saw this in Zoella’s Primark Haul and I love it, I can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough for me to wear it. I love how it is going to add an extra dimension to a bog standard outfit. It is perfect for my style and the cotton is so soft compared to more expensive ones which have been a horrid material.


Classic Retro Sunglasses £10.00 ASOS (X)

I love my Ray Bans don’t get me wrong but I have had them for about 5 summers, this year I wanted something different and I love the clubmaster style Ray Bans but begrudged paying that much for them so when ASOS had 20% of I grabbed at the chance especially as I have Premier. I love them and I will have to get a hard case to put them in though (they come with a cloth case).




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