My Top Five Travel Tips

I know how tempting it is to pack everything you could possible ever want, need AND the kitchen sink when you travel but it really isn’t necessary …

I am preparing to go on holiday in august so I thought that I would do a sort of ‘travel series’ of posts on my blog as it is the time to get away. There are some tips/things that I always do when I travel because it makes life so much easier when you know what you are doing and you save so much space, time and effort if you have a packing plan in place. (Do I sound like an old lady?)

Knowing what I am taking and having it all written down means that I don’t forget something and am not overpacking. Overpacking is a classic mistake, you don’t need an outfit for every night of a week long holiday, or five different types of cleanser. I always go for the product that will work best for the climate I am going to. It’s all about packing smart!

1. Decant, share or get it there

It seems like common sense that you don’t need to take massive tubs and bottles of products but I went away with a friend and she had massive bottles and tubs of all her products that mast have been about half her weight allowance.

That being said decanting your products into travel size bottles is a brillant way to take all the products you need but with half the weight. My day/night cream comes in massive tubs and it is the last thing I want to do is shove all the bottles in my toiletries bag.

If you are going with friends/spouse/family members share out the products and if you finish them less stuff to take home! I always share shampoo and conditioner with my mum we each take a bottle in our bag in the smaller bottles that you can get (125ml?).

If worse comes to worse and you don’t have the space to take bottles of shampoo/conditioner in your carry on for example you can get brands we see here in the UK in foreign supermarkets. I am pretty sure they sold herbal essences at the resort last year.

2. Organization is key!

Not on the Highstreet

I know that this sounds really tedious but writing everything you need to take with you in a small notebook that you can take with you that you can tick off on your way out and the way back so you know if you have forgotten anything.

If you get beauty boxes often the products come in little draw string bags that are a life saver they make keeping everything in. I always use a couple in my carry on to keep all my stuff organzed and easy to reach. I put my headphones in one, my chargers and my extra underpants just to keep them tidy and I can put them at the bottom of my bag if I don’t need them on the flight or find them easily if I do instead of searching the abyss that is my backpack. (X)

I also have a large wallet/ travel wallet to put all my important docutments in it. I picked it up in the accessorise sale for £5 but I can’t find it on the website. But I put my health card, passport, travel insurance document and stuff like that just so I can get hold of it easily and know where it all is if I need it. It is a really good idea to take pictures of your luggage, passport etc and print them out because if your phone dies then your screwed there is an advantage of having a paper copy.

3. Make use of travel hacks

Gossip Girl

I can’t tell you enough how much travel ‘hacks’ help when packing it may seen silly sliding necklaces through straws to keep them untangled but it works like a treat. The best thing I have ever been taught is rolling your clothes, it helps keep wrinkles at bay and your clothes then take up less space in your case. If you want to check out some more travel tips click here.

4. Keep basics in your carry on


The last thing you want to think about is loosing your hold luggage but it can happen so always back some basics in your carry on, I always take a bikini and a couple of spare pairs of underpants. I know some people carry an extra outfit but that is a choice you can make. I also also make sure I have a pair of fluffy socks in my carry on as I like to take my shoes off on the plane and my feet get super cold.

5. Make sure you are entertained


There is nothing worse that getting bored on your flight/while you are away. It is time to update your entertainment stations. I take an iPad on holiday with me and put a couple of films and a TV series to keep me entertained on the plane. If you can get internet on a flight then Netflix/NOW TV/Prime is a great idea but you can always download items from itunes or what not prices do vary.

Music is key to my survival on flights I can throw on my headphones and ignore the world I make sure my phone is filled with music for my trip becasue I will listen to it around the pool as well. I have been using spotify put I don’t like to pay for premium I don’t think it is worth it. So I have downloaded some of my favourite albums. Podcasts are also a brilliant way to keep yourself entertained Happier with Gretchen Rubin is one my favourites as well as New Yorker: Fiction. Plus they are free! So I will put some on my phone and some on my iPad.

BOOKS! I am an avid reader and take at least 3 books on holiday for a week. If you have a kindle then you can take as many as you want but I am a person that prefers a physical book my that being said I have a iPad and a kindle app so I will download a couple of novellas by RJ Palacio that I have been wanting to read to keep me happy.


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