Choosing your Holiday reads…

If you are a big reader choosing what books to take on your trip with you can be one of the hardest decisions you make. I am an avid reader I take a lot of reading material; that being said I also take other forms of entertainment on my iPad – movies, podcasts and e-books. My music goes on to my iPhone so I have easy access to it as my phone rarely goes into my bag. So with all my electronic entertainment uploaded I always take physical books as well because god forbid something happened to my devices.

How do I choose my reading material do I hear you ask? Well here are five tips I have for choosing your holiday books…

1. e-Reader


E-readers are not really my thing, I gave it a go and then gave it to my Dad. I do have a Kindle app on my iPad so I can read eBooks of I want to. I take my iPad because I will put movies and TV shows on their as well. This is why I prefer tablets I find you can get a lot more out of them.

I want to read the two novella’s by RJ Palacio that are companion’s to Wonder, Pluto and Shingalng so I will buy those to go on my app.

2. Paperback v Hardback

beauty con

If like me you are preferential to a physical book and are taking a book away with you, pick up a paperback. It is so much easier to take a paperback than a hardback. I have bad memories of lugging the latest Harry Potter books away with me. They are bulky and heavier than a paperback so be considerate of your weight allowance.

3. How many should I take?

Natalie Bina

This really depends on how fast your read, if I really like a book I can read a book in a day. I usually take 3 books for a 7 day trip. Two 300 page books and 1 longer book. I know that sounds like a lot but I know what I am like when I am away and two books isn’t enough. I have been on holiday and screwed because I finished my 2 books 3 days in and this was a time before I owned my iPad.

This year I will be taking Lullabies by Lang Leav, The Trouble with Cowboys by Denise Hunter and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – 800 pages, but Jamie Fraser.

Sorry I had to … sexy Scottish shirtless men. 


4. What should I take?


This isn’t usually the time that I tend to ‘try something new’, I tend to go with authors I am familiar with and books I am excited to read in genres I prefer as if you are in a country that speaks a different language it may be difficult to pick up some alternative reading material if you hate what you have bought. This is another bonus of a e-reader you can take a variety of titles and if you want to try something new you can always have a back up.

5. Podcasts/Audible


I also download a audible book when I had the free trial, I am not 100% sold on audible books but for some people they are a must have. I prefer podcasts which as much as I know they aren’t books I added because they are a nice change from music 24/7.


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