Keep Calm with these Carry On Essentials


As someone who travels at least once a year, I know it can be a right pain in the ass to pack and a nightmare to actually figure out what you really need to take with you. Overpacking is a sin we are all guilty of at least once in our lives and as we travel more we learn how to cut down our luggage – most of the time. There are three things I pack for when I pack my carry on Comfort, Entertainment and Beauty. It helps me if I divide the things I take with me into sections and packing cubes/bags, so it may help you as well.

I am not going to insult your intelligence and tell you ‘essentials’ are items like your passport and money but there are things that I feel are essentials to my travel plans…

Pack for Comfort 


1. Fluffy Socks

2. Scarf 

3. Oversized Sweater 

4. Snacks

5. Sunglasses  

For me comfort when travelling is key. It gets super cold on the plane and I like to make sure I am going to stay warm regardless of the length of time I am on the plane. Anything more than an hour means I make sure I am prepared to be freezing.

This means I take a oversized sweater, fluffy socks and a scarf as it is a versatile piece. You can use a scarf as a blanket and a pillow on the plane if you don’t want to take a neck pillow if you aren’t flying for a long period of time. I always pack my sunglasses in my carry on, to hide tired eyes or for a sunny destination so I don’t blind myself.

I have a love/relationship with plane food, so I always take dry food that I know that I can eat without feeling sick.

Pack for Entertainment 


1. iPad

2. Books and Magazines

3. Headphones

4. Camera (not pictured)

Keeping entertained on a plane can be hard especially if like me you are constantly connected to the internet. This is why I like to make sure I have a selection of devices and things to keep me entertained. I take both electronics and non-electronics because god forbid you aren’t allowed to use them or they die.

My iPad is a relatively new travel companion and I load it with podcasts and movies to keep me entertained on the flight especially if I don’t like the in flight movie. It is also handy to keep up to date with my emails. I always take my book on the plane, I am taking Lullabies By Lang Leav on the plane as well as the latest edition of Traveller magazine.

Pack for Beauty 


1. Lip Balm 

2. Hand Cream and Moisturiser 

3. Hair Bands and Pins 

4. Mascara and Lipstick 

5. Nail File 

I can’t get on the plane without having some basic beauty products on me, to combat the effects of the air conditioning on the plane I always take lip balm, hand cream, and small moisturiser – the blessing of samples.

I also take some hair ties and pins if I want to get my hair of my face as it is quite heavy I never wear it up when I leave but after spending some time on the plane sometimes I will put it up while I am on there. Mascara and Lipstick are my two essential make up products so I want to take them with me if I need to look less like a zombie when I get off my flight.

Just make sure all your liquids and pastes etc. fit into the guidelines for the country your leaving and arriving at.



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