What I bought while I was on Holiday…


As you may or may not know I went on holiday last month and picked up some bargains, and beautiful and unique things.

In Lanzerote there are shops upon shops selling ‘fake’ designer bags and I was sorely tempted to just pick a fake one up for €30 some of them looked okay but most were pretty shoddy work. That being said a lot of people could be seen with them at the airport on the way home. I have always wanted a Michael Kors Bag and there was one designer store that sold a vareity of bags and shoes and I decided to bite the bullet and pay the money because I will save quite a bit of money. So I picked up a Jet Set Tote and it worked out about £170. The company is called Mint Company, check out their website.

While I was at the airport I stopped off in World Duty Free and picked up my first ever MAC lipstick I went for a classic and picked up ‘Ruby Woo’ for £12.90 for a product that is usually £15.50.

I also picked up a couple of cute, knick knacky things, I picked up a beautiful book band, because of course when I am the one person who would find the only book related stool at a market in Lanzerote. But then hand these beautiful book bands (a book mark) they are all handmade and are so pretty. I got 2 for €10 one for me and one for a friend. I of course picked the one with the elephant charm.


I like elephants (can you tell?) last year I picked up a beautiful wooden carved elephant and I saw this lovely little ornate elephant and I couldn’t leave it there. They are charms, so if the trunk is up then it is a ‘good luck’ charm but when the trunk of the elephant is down it means protection. They weren’t super expensive but they are pretty and I could always use a little extra luck.



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