Top 5 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas…

  1. Jack O Lantern

You can’t go wrong with a classic Jack O Lantern pumpkin! It’s simple and everyone know what it is. As this year is my first year carving pumpkins (I haven’t bee allowed 😦 ) I will be doing a Jack O Lantern! Yay for tradition.

digs digs

2. Spiderweb

If you are having a party and don’t want to carve all your pumpkins this spiderweb  pumpkin is a great idea. All you need to do is Glue gun or PVA string (easy to get from Poundland or ASDA) to the pumpkin in a ‘web like’ pattern. For some extra creepy add some plastic spiders.

3. Bloody Pumpkins

If you want something more sinister yet still classy then bloody pumpkins are a good way to go, if you do mini ones like these you could make a lovely centrepiece. Using red paint or dripping red candles onto the top of pumpkins into a pattern of blood on top of the pumpkin.

Kathryn Wilkes

4. Painted Pumpkins

This is another easy way to change up your pumpkins without carving them all! You can paint them a variety of colours and if you are art inclines then you can paint scenes or what not onto the pumpkins. If you not grab some spray paint or left over wall paint and get started. Black, White or Gold? The possibilties are endless.

5. Howling Wolf or other scenes

This isn’t for the amateur pumpkin carver, but no one said that you had to carve a face into the pumpkin, if you draw it out onto the pumpkin you can attempt to carve whatever you want. Be it Disney characters or Freddy Cruger you can attempt whatever you want.


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