10 Thing to do over Christmas

There are 24 days till Christmas!!!!!!

Have you opened your advent calendar yet?

So as the weather gets colder and Christmas draws ever closer it is the best time of the year to get up to some wonderful adventures or have some cosy nights in. Here are my favourite things to do over the Christmas period…

1. Christmas Markets

Filip Wolny

One of my favourite things to do during the Christmas period is visit Christmas markets. There is something wonderful about looking at the little knick knacks and artisan stalls that frequent markets. I went to Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre last weekend and it was great fun.

2. Bake


Winter is the perfect baking season! There is nothing like a cup of tea and a freshly baked biscuit. I love to bake and this is one my favourite times to do it, something like a warm, soft, gooey brownie is perfect for this time of year or a tasty biscuit. I usually have to do desert for Boxing Day so thats always fun if not a massive stress in the morning.

3. Decorate

Design Rulz

For some reason I am super excited for Christmas this year – usually I am more like The Grinch. I also have big plans to decorate and if I lived in my own house I would have such fun decorating my home for the season. Plan a time when you are going to decorate and have fun with it, put on some Christmas music and plan to have hot chocolate and baked goods once your finished to admire your work.

4. Christmas Movies


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas film, my mum has Christmas 24 on as soon as the channel airs in November. I have to admit settling down at night for a good Christmas movie marathon, a bottle of wine and a lot of blankets is a perfect way to spend the evening with your other half, family or friends. Netflix UK has classics like Home Alone , while Netflix US has some amazingly cheesy offerings as well as the classic White Christmas. 

5. Crafts

Rainy Day Mum

I love the idea of making presents for people but I am unfortunately not gifted enough to do actually do that however Pinterest has a wide sprawl of inspiration and we all love a good fail. It’s a good laugh and you may get some great things out of it and it will keep kids occupied as well. It doesn’t have to be complicated either I have some wooden decorations I want to paint which will be interesting for sure.

6. Christmas Jumper Day

Youtube via Zoella

Who doesn’t love a festive jumper, you can get them everywhere and there are some crackers out there. So whether you are getting something more classy or want to find the ugliest or most obnoxious sweater your are sure to find something. My friends and I tend to get together for a meal at Christmas with the stipulation of wearing Christmas Jumpers. It is a wonderful way to see your friends in the busy holiday period and be a little festive. If not organise one at work and raise some money for charity.

7. Go Out


You know that office Christmas party that you consider going to but in the end stay at home in your pjs with takeout, a bottle of wine and binge watch HTGAWM on Netflix because it’s the least Christmasy thing you could find (and it is awesome, so very awesome). I recommend you go, last year was the first time I ever went out with my work colleagues for Christmas and I had so much fun. So wether it is your friends or colleagues make a effort to go out and have fun. (Please drink responsibility)

8. Read a book


The weather outside is frightful (what song is that?) so what better time to curl up with a good book. I read a lot anyway but my favourite time to read is when the weather gets cooler, I will curl up on the sofa or in bed with a cup of tea and my latest read. During the Holiday season I tend to go for a more seasonal read, something warm and fluffy.

9. Drink mulled Cider


I love festive drinks! Be it from Starbucks or Costa or something a little bit more grown up like a warming glass of mulled cider. A couple of years back I went up to London and tried mulled cider for the first time. I love the taste of it and if you aren’t keen on anything alcoholic then apple juice is a perfect substitute and Starbucks have even got in on the action with mulled apple and grape drinks this Christmas season.

10. Plan a day out!


There are so many fun things to do over the festive period, wether it be travelling to the city and visiting big attractions such as Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or Sommerset House’s massive ice skating rink or something a little closer to home. But plan a day out and spend some time with your friends and family.


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