Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

You have no idea how excited I was to finally be going to The Harry Potter Studio Tour. It’s been open for a while but my parents have never had the inclination to take us. However this year I was kindly asked to go with the school I was volunteering with as an extra adult. I do genuinely think  that the main teacher Kelly and I were more excited than the kids about going.

It is an amazing place and a must see for any UK Harry Potter fan. There were people from all over the shop in our little intro group. If you are going with children be aware that it may take a long time to get round and as much as their were quite a few schools knocking around the place wasn’t overcrowded (although the food area was busy when we got there). I definitly advise to get on one of the earlier tours as the number of people gets higher as the tour goes on because if you want to see everything then I personally think it takes more than 2.5 hours that they estimate.

When we went I didn’t really get to see the second studio which admittedly wasn’t as good as the first but I am disappointed that I didn’t really get to see too much of it. However I am going to go back again in the summer with by BFF Amy. She wants to go and I am more than happy to go back again with her. I think we are going to go in the nicer weather.

I am going to put some tips and more info in between some of my pictures so do scroll down for a sneak peek.  When I went it was the season of Hogwarts in the Snow which finished on January 31st so all the Christmas decorations will have been removed by now but I don’t think that will make any difference to the magic of the experience.

Christmas Tree

Flying Car


Hagrid and Filch

Gryfindor Yr 1 Uniforms

Neville's Costume


Ravenclaw Uniforms

Do pick up your Harry Potter passport from the ticket office, especially if you have kids. I didn’t complete mine but I think I will take it back to finish.  Release your inner child!!!!!!

Neville's Plant GC

Common Room

Boys Dorm

Neville's Trunk

Dumbledore Office



Weasly House

Lupin's Trunk


If you see Quidditch, this is the place to stop and get your picture taken on the green screen with the flying car or a broom. I have a love/hate thing with this as its fun and makes a great souvenir. However if you aren’t part of a school trip then the photos cost £14.00 for 1 photo  which if this is a once in a lifetime trip is probably worth it  but I feel is a little expensive.

Quidditch 2

Hogwarts Express

Lockhart Books

Dumbledore Book

19 Years Later



Fleur Delacour

HP7 costumes

Invisibility Cloak

Train Carriage 1

After the Hogwarts Express you get to take a break, and get some food and the all important Butterbeer. I didn’t try it the first time I was there but Amy and I are determined to get some when we go. I have heard mixed things about it. I have a feeling it is quite sweet but I want to try it anyway. If you buy the souvenir cup (I so will if its not extortionate) take a plastic baggy cause you don’t want sticky all over your bags.

Godric's Hollow

4 Privet Drive

You can sit outside and bog at the outdoor sets and their are chairs and benches for you to sit on if you decided to take a picnic. It may be a good idea to bring food as the queue can get long for sandwiches especially at peek times.


Diagon Alley


Model Hogwarts

Hogwarts Castle 5

Hogwarts Castle 2

Hogwarts Castle 1

Hogwarts Castle 4

Hogwarts Castle 3

 At the end their is obviously a gift shop, if you have kids SET A BUDGET! It isn’t cheap but they are good quality products which I feel are worth the money. The wands come in at just over £25 and the clothes are expensive at about £60 for a jumper. You can easily spend money and I definitly did pick up a few things. I won’t go as crazy as I did last time but I spent some Christmas money so I don’t feel to guilty.


One thought on “Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

  1. Panda says:

    Ooh lucky!! I really want to go but haven’t been able to yet. Although I have see and been on the Hogwarts engine when it was at the NRM 😛

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