Hello Spring 2016

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As I am writing this it is a lovely sunny day; not quite the perfect Spring day as it is a little to windy for that. But as the days grow longer and the sun is poking out his sleepy head I have dreams of pastel colours, dresses without tights and far fewer layers in my future.

As the season’s change so does my style. I am a firm believer in dark winter colours and light summer colours. That being said, I wanted to share with you how my style and tastes change as the weather becomes warmer. It’s not only my fashion that changes but from what I read, drink and eat. When the summer gets warmer I tend to veer from heavy fantasy novels to lighter romance and contemporary novels. I also tend to go for a lot of iced coffees and frappe’s and mint and green tea makes a larger appearance. I also tend to go for lighter foods in the spring so more fish, veg and salads. Yay for healthy foods!

In the summer I prefer to wear a leather strap watch. This may not be the case for everyone but I tend to wear a chunkier watch regardless and I find that they look more delicate than a chunky metal bracelet that I wear in the winter. One of my favourite brands is Daniel Wellington and I love the St Andrews 40 mm Watch in Rose Gold £179.00 at ASOS (X). It classic and timeless and will never go out of style and are available for men and women. Olivia Burton (also available on ASOS) do some very similar pieces as well if you don’t want to spend that much money.

Who says candles are only for winter? In the Autumn/Winter months I love a spicy, warming candles but as soon as Spring hits I navigate straight to clean, fresh and floral scents. Just because its warmer outside doesn’t mean you can’t have the cozy feeling of a candle.  You don’t have to spend the earth IKEA, Poudland and Primark (who have definitely stepped up their home wear game) all have a great selection. However its nice to treat yourself every now and then and a lovely indulgence is the Diptyque ‘Eucalyptus’ Candle £42.00 at Space NK (X)

I love fresh flowers in the home and unfortunately I can’t afford to have new bouquets in my home every week but every now and then I treat myself to a few bunches. You can pick up flowers from anywhere from £3-5 in your local supermarket. At the moment Daffodils are everywhere and give a room a vibrant touch. If you can’t afford flowers, room plants such as Cacti and Succulents that don’t need to much maintenance or faking it works just as well.

I can’t say I will ever have a particularly colourful wardrobe, I do like simple neutral shades most of the time but that being said when the summer hits I do like a few pastel shades as I don’t do the vibrant neon that is seemingly big this season. If you like neutrals as I do then to jazz up a white dress a colourful handbag is the perfect and I love this Sweet Pea Blue Saddle Bag £110.00 at The Cambridge Satchel Company (X).

Anyone that knows me knows I love a deep red nail. It is my go to colour when it comes to my nails and honestly I will wear a darker nail in the summer anyway but I do like a nude in the summer especially for an event as it will go with what  I am wearing regardless and make it easy to disregard. I am a Essie love and the shade ‘Ballet Slippers’ £5.99 at Boots (X) is beautiful.


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