T5W: Favourite Minor Characters




Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey. Here is a link to the Goodreads page if you want to join in on the fun. This group is now run by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes .

This week’s topic is Favourite Minor Characters. 

5. Regan from Fangirl

I love Reagan and her no shit attiude. She takes Cath under her wing and is the bitchy best friend we all know and love.

Hannah Davis

4. Jenny Fraser from The Outlander Series

I love Jenny, mostly because she is such a strong character in a very male dominated world. As much as I love Claire, Jenny is by far one of the strongest characters. She fought for herself and her brother and is awesome and badass.


3. Morrigan, Amren, Cassian and Azriel from A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

I love this group! I couldn’t just choose one of them! They are loyal friends and I love their relationship with Rhysand and their amazing bond and how they share they with Feyre.

Charlie Bowater

2. Iko from the Lunar Chronicles

Iko is the comic relief needed in this series and her unwavering loyalty makes her an amazing friend to Cinder and an asset to the storyline.


1. Luna Lovegood from The Harry Potter Series

Luna is by far one of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series. She is unapologetically herself throughout the whole franchise and the message her character can inspire is wonderful. She is cute, quirky and intelligent and I think she is great.

Warner Bros