June Favourites

Beauty, Hair and Fashion 

Rose Wrap Dress from Primark £13.00

Bloggers have apparently been going crazy for this rose print wrap dress from Primark! It’s so pretty so I understand why. It’s such a lovely dress and after umming and ahhing over it for a weekend I bought it and I am so glad I did! I wore it to a friend’s leaving party and was so happy with the way it looked.

Nyx Lingerie eye palette £8.00 (available at Nyx Cosmetics)

Nyx has released a new 6 shade palette; this is the matte palette and they have a shimmer palette as well but you know I am a matte girl so when this palette became available I wanted it. Luckily for me, they opened up a new Nyx store in Westfield Stratford and I managed to grab the sucker! I won’t lie and saw it is the most pigmented when swatched but it blends beautifully and it is easy to build the product. I really like the looks I can create with the palette (and some other shadows) and have been using it a lot.


I love a good braid and recently I have been using braids as my go to hairstyle, they are super easy and with the warm weather a cute alternative to a ponytail. I love a crown braid, I think they are cute and keep my hair off my neck. They also give me Kahleessi and Lagertha Viking vibes; which is my latest obsession and I adore them.


Banna Chips

I do not like dried fruit or bananas so this is a weird thing to like, (the only thing about bananas is the texture so that it removed with these). They are super tasty and a handful is a really good snack and is filling as an actual banana (not as healthy). Throw them into a little Tupperware pot and into the bag and are great on the go. They are a good alternative to chocolate or sweets.


So this may or may not have something to do with my Hades and Persephone obsession but I love pomegranates both in the fruit form and the juice form, I love a carton in the fridge and having it with dinner. It’s full of anti-oxidants and has other healthy vitamins packed in as well.

Rice and Green Bean Salad (X)

Pick Up Limes

So I found this YouTube page as I was scrolling and this recipe popped up and as someone who loves rice but needs it to have some flavour and this recipe is perfect for that. It’s a completely vegan page and all the food looks amazing! This recipe is no different. Check Sadia’s blog out she has amazing recipes for all meals, snacks, dips, desserts, and smoothies.

Completing My PGCE

I did it! I finished my PGCE, I have a job and my career is looking up! I am so excited to be finished. I miss being in school every day but I am enjoying my time off before I go back. By this time next year, I will hopefully have full QTS. Fingers crossed


I have fallen in love with listening to podcasts on my way to work, they are a great alternative to music. I will be doing a separate post showing you what podcasts I am listening to and loving!


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