15 of My Favourite Travel Tips

I have compiled a list of some of my top travel tips, that I have found are a god send when travelling either for long haul, short haul, carry on only or if your checking a bag. There are many other tips I could go into; placing cotton pads in compacts and placing jewellery in cling film. This is only a few tips so do a little research and watch a few videos


  1. Roll Your Clothes
    It saves room and lowers the chance of wrinkles.
  2. Create a Clothing Emergency Kit
    In case of luggage loss in your hand luggage pack an outfit (I tend to go for a cotton dress or playsuit that rolls small), a bikini and a pair of panties and a bralette – I wear sports bras on the plane. This means I have a change of clothes to go out in and a bikini to hang by the pool if my luggage is missing for a day.
  3. Stuff Your Hat to Pack in your Case
    Roll and stuff pants, t-shirts or cotton items into the hat and place it on the bottom of the suitcase and pack around the hat and over the top and when you take it out it will remain the right shape.
  4. Down Size Your Toiletries
    Don’t travel with massive bottles and jars of product with you a. you don’t need it b. it takes up a lot of space. Get those little travel bottles and decant your favourite products into smaller bottles or pick up travel sizes and samples of products.


  5. Take an empty Water Bottle and take snacks
    Food and drink can be super expensive at the airport and if you have super early flights finding open places can be a pain. I like to take an empty water bottle to fill at the water fountain or I’ll ask a Starbucks when I pick up a coffee or tea. I also like to take protein/cereal bars as well in case I can’t pick up food or I don’t like what is on offer.
  6. Wear easy to remove shoes
    In the UK you don’t have to take off your shoes but thick heavy boots may need to be scanned. In the US you do have to take shoes off so just make sure you have shoes that are easy to get on and off and I prefer to wear shoes with socks, invisible socks are your friend. Even if you don’t have to take them off for security having easy to remove shoes on the plane are better in small spaces.
  7. Keep everything in its own wallet/case/bag/pouch
    This is an easy way to find all of your stuff, each thing has its own pouch and you’re not digging through your bag to find your lip balm at the bottom of the Mary Poppins hole that is your bag.


  8. Write a list as you pack
    If you aren’t a list writer, jotting down what you are packing as you do it will let you see if you have forgotten anything.
  9. Download podcasts/update your music/Kindle books
    I need to save space on my phone so I delete all my podcasts and redownload the ones I want to listen to on my flight, make a specific playlist for my trip and update my Kindle with all the latest books I want to read!.
  10. Double check the companies limitations and guidelines as well as those of your country and the country you are travelling to!
    Be aware of what you can and can’t bring and pack, that way you won’t get anything taken away at security.
  11. Don’t overpack!
    You don’t need 7 day and 7 Night outfits for a week, and NEVER take more outfits that days you are going.

    Her Campus

  12. Don’t wear uncomfortable clothing on a flight
     This one seems pretty self-explanatory but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who got for style over comfort. I am not saying you should sacrifice style but no one wants to be stuck in the worlds most uncomfortable jeans for a 10+ hour flight. Miss Louie has a brilliant video with so many options for cute and comfy outfits.

  13. Take deodorant on the plane
    I always take a roll on NEVER an aerosol. Don’t be the person who stinks out the plane with your Lynx. Some people suffer from Asthma and it can seriously affect them. It’s just a common courtesy. Use a roll on or roller ball perfume, if you have to pick something with a light scent that’s not gonna have the other 60-100 people on the place hacking up a lung.
  14. Clingfilm and tape bottles down
    This is a really handy tip to prevent leakages and spillages in your luggage. Just remove the cap, place a square of cling film over the top and screw the cap down. If the cap has a flick cap just take a piece of tape and cover it.
  15. Moisturisers are your friend
    I get extremely dry skin from that air con so I always make sure I have a hand cream/body moisturiser, lip balm and a face cream.  I can keep my skin hydrated and clean also helps prevent breakouts.

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