Top 5 Sangria Recipes…

As we are in the throws of British Summer (so basically the weather does whatever the hell it wants to) I thought I would do a post that reminds me of the sun soaked beaches of a country that isn’t England. I am off to the sunny shores of Lanzerote and one of my favourite beverages when I am away is a jug of Sangria.

So I have compiled a list of five delicious Sangria recipes we can try at home…

1. Traditional Sangria

gimme some oven

You can’t go wrong with a traditional red wine Sangria like this one from Gimme Some Oven. This contains red wine, brandy and orange liqueur as well as a secret ingredient.

2. Prosecco Sangria

Julie Blanner

I have never tried Champagne sangria (it is on the to do list for this years holidays) but this recipe by Julie Blanner includes peaches and apricots, this is a great drink for girly lunches, brunches and bridal showers.

3. Rose Sangria

A Spice Perspective

If you don’t want something as heavy as red wine this rose alternative might be more up your alley. This A Spicy Perspective version includes chambord (which I love in a glass of champagne) as well as brandy. It also pink and girl and crammed with strawberries and raspberries.

4. White Sangria Sparkler

damn delicious

If you aren’t a fan of red wine there is nothing to say you can’t make a sangria with white wine and Damn Delicious have a fantastic recipe. It is a light and fruity mix perfect for a hot summer afternoon/evening.

5. Lemon Berry Prosecco Sangria

Little Leopard Book

Of course I had to add something with lemons in here, my obsession with lemons and lime know no bounds. This recipe from Little Leopard Book is simple and easy which is super appealing to someone like me who cocktail making is beyond.

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